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Our Unique Culture

This is critically important. Our culture is not for everyone. We know that and understand that our values and the values of our employees need to align. This is something that makes us different from other law firms. We insist that all prospective employees thoroughly review the JW Way and talk to multiple of our employees to determine if we will be a good fit.

Our firm is run as a Conscious Capitalism business. This means that we don’t just focus on making as much money as possible, we focus on benefitting all stakeholders involved in our business, which includes employees, vendors, clients and the community.

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What is Important To Us and to Our Employees

  • Living the 27 JW Way Fundamentals
  • Each attorney annually determines their performance plan.  This is not done in a vacuum and may impact compensation. 
  • Balance of work and life
  • Balancing autonomy and good business
  • We are a team. We are not an “eat what you kill” firm.
  • We like, value, and appreciate each other.
  • Supporting our community is important to us
  • Delivering outstanding legal advice while respecting our client’s budget

Work Life

Success Factors for Attorneys that Join Jaburg Wilk

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  • The JW Way Fundamentals resonates with them
  • Entrepreneurial mindset and are willing to bet on themselves
  • High standards for their performance and are accountable
  • Enjoy and thrive when working on highly functioning teams
  • Excellent judgment in a variety of circumstances
  • Invest in themselves and are lifetime learners
  • Understand that we are a business
  • Value and enjoy working at our firm
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