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Epilepsy Foundation Arizona 2022

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Jaburg Wilk was proud to be a sponsor of the second annual fundraising event, Epilep-TEA Party, for Epilepsy Foundation Arizona “EFAZ.” Held on November 6th, it was very well attended and event proceeds support Camp Candlelight and other programs including advocacy information and referral services.

Since 1973, Epilepsy Foundation Arizona “EFAZ” has been dedicated to the welfare of people with epilepsy in Arizona, and is a chapter of the larger national Epilepsy Foundation. EFAZ has developed public education programs that foster community awareness to improve healthcare and has made community support programs available to all 77,000 Arizonans affected by epilepsy free of charge. Some of these programs include Camp Candlelight, which is an annual camp for minors with epilepsy, allowing them to attend “summer camp” safely with the help of trained medical staff and counselors. EFAZ also provides seizure training to various public safety and police departments to help police recognize seizure symptoms (as opposed to drug or mental health issues) in individuals who need medical help rather than police intervention.

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