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Jaburg Wilk Employees Serve Meals at St. Vincent De Paul

On April 19th at 6 am, ten early rising Jaburg Wilk employees arrived at St. Vincent De Paul’s kitchen to prepare and serve breakfast. More than 630 people had breakfast and over 1,000 cups of coffee were poured!

On October 14th, several employees of Jaburg Wilk served dinner in the dining room at SVDP. Thumbs up for a fantastic, efficient, helpful, generous and extremely nice group that helped set-up, serve, and clean up after the dinner. 

At 6 am on November 15th, Jaburg Wilk employees again served breakfast at St. Vincent De Paul.  This time they served nearly 700 people breakfast and as one volunteer noted that meant 1400 pancakes that we placed on a plate and poured syrup over!  Guests enjoyed a hearty warm breakfast on a cool Phoenix morning. 

Mervyn Braude, JW Community Chairperson was quoted saying “Thanks to our group of volunteers and friends of JW for serving dinner to many who need our help. Thumbs up for  a fantastic, efficient, helpful, generous, and extremely nice group that set up, served, and cleaned up after the at-risk people in our community. Well done and thank you. You can be proud for making the effort.

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