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St. Vincent De Paul Bottled Water Donation

One of Jaburg Wilk’s employees, Shranda Ceballos, was actively involved in gathering supplies to help hurricane ravaged Puerto Rico.  Through both her efforts and other community activists, from September through December, they shipped over a ton of supplies via air and a 53-foot semi-trailer loaded onto a ship to Puerto Rico.  After several months, Puerto Rico no longer needed the emergency supplies.  Shranda had more than 600 cases of water that could not be shipped to Puerto Rico.  Working as a member of the Jaburg Wilk Community Committee, she had partnered with St. Vincent De Paul on several different community events.  She reached out to them, and they were very excited to receive the water.  SVDP Community Drives Manager said “Over 600 cases of water will help our less fortunate neighbors build healthy and stable lives for themselves.”  


Shranda continues to be a great example of Jaburg Wilk’s commitment to our community.  

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