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Creating an LLC? Maybe Not as Easy as it Looks

If you are considering forming a new company, many people decide that a limited liability company (LLC) will be the best type of company structure for them.  However, selecting to form a LLC may be the easy part!  There are many considerations when setting up your LLC.  We’ve listed just a few below.

  • Should your LLC be member managed or manager managed?
  • Which member is running the business?
  • Which member is best suited to be the manager?
  • Are there certain decisions that need the approval of the other members?
  • What are the consequences if one of the members is putting in money or capital and another is providing sweat equity?
  • Are buy-sell provisions needed on the death, disability or divorce of one of the members?
  • If one of the members is actively involved in the business of the LLC and the other is not, is there a mechanism for removing the member who is running the business if that member isn’t performing?
  • If a member leaves, are restrictive covenants necessary to protect the business interests of the LLC?
  • How should the LLC be taxed?
  • Is the LLC a disregarded entity and taxed on a Schedule C of the member?
  • Should the LLC be taxed as a corporation?  If yes, should a Subchapter S election be taken?
  • Should the LLC be taxed as a partnership?
  • What are the reasons for forming a LLC versus a corporation?
  • Are there any measures that can be taken by a member to help protect both the assets and the business of the LLC from creditors of a member?

These are some of the questions that we ask our clients to consider when helping them form a LLC.  The issues are unique and depend on both the type of business as well as the venture.  Having a qualified lawyer help you answer these and other questions, will ensure that you have a LLC that fits your business and your needs.

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