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JW Way Fundamental #26: Show heartfelt appreciation   “Recognize positive contributions of others. Regularly extend meaningful acknowledgment and appreciation. Give sincere, authentic praise.”

O. C Tanner wrote a blog called “The Psychological Effects of Workplace Appreciation & Gratitude.” This blog cites several articles and studies that find there is scientific proof of brain boosts simply by showing appreciation in the workplace. It can create positive reactions in the relationship between co-workers, promote a better work-life balance, and reduces stress.

Wil Heywood has spoken to all of us about the neurological benefits of stress reduction and why we should practice mindfulness. A mere “I appreciate you” said to a co-worker can have both a calming and confidence boosting effects.

Recently, I was in the middle of a very stressful commercial transaction. Another attorney and I worked many late nights and weekends. Throughout this long transaction, we had other parties that were impatient and anxious to get the deal closed which only increased the tension.

One morning, after a particularly stressful night, we walked into our offices and found a small gift with a handwritten card on our desks. The cards said:

“You are awesome! I see all the hard work you are putting in. Keep up the great job! Hope this put a smile on your face and brings a little sweetness in your life!”

Thank you to Nikki for your thoughtfulness! She was another attorney who had worked with us on this transaction and knew the stress and time pressures we faced. The card and those words to me that morning boosted my spirits tremendously.

When is the last time you showed heartfelt appreciation to someone you work with and depend on daily? During a typical week, we spend more time with our co-workers than our family. If you express appreciation – and genuinely mean it – you will enjoy the benefits and so will your co-workers.

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