Defamation, First Amendment, & Media Relations Law

Our knowledgeable defamation and First Amendment attorneys effectively advocate for our clients. Representing either the accused or the accusing party, our defamation attorneys have settled or litigated numerous disputes including defamation, privacy, civil rights, and intellectual property claims in both state and federal courts. They also have experience with Internet defamation and expertise with media relations issues, when quick and qualified response is paramount. We not only provide deft crisis communications counsel for negative media attention, but also offer focused pre- publication reviews of books, websites, advertisements, and sensitive material to mitigate risk.

Our experienced First Amendment attorneys will help investigate if there is insurance coverage to protect against First Amendment or intellectual property claims, and assist in positioning both companies and products with an eye to First Amendment rights, procedures, and government regulations.

Online Reputation Management

Internet, social media, and various technology applications require assistance from lawyers who are versed in both technology and the law. Our attorneys are nationally recognized leaders in representing web operators and web service providers with complex legal issues. If operating an e-commerce site, designing web sites, web hosting and maintenance, email services, domain registration services, online marketing services or co-location services is the core, or an important aspect or your business, it is vital your attorney understand internet businesses. We can assist in drafting and reviewing contractual agreements, in identifying and protecting intellectual property, and in resolving or pursuing disputes that may arise from web-based activities.