Mediation Opt-Out

There are alternatives to family law court to resolve family law and domestic disputes in Arizona. These include negotiation and mediation. Emotionally charged issues may be better resolved in a non-courtroom setting. Our family law attorneys are experienced in collaborative resolutions which can include mediation with both parties. Or they can represent their client using a 3rd party neutral mediator who will hear and decide complex issues such as business valuations, ongoing business operations or sophisticated financial issues. The mediator acts as a facilitator. Their role is to assist the divorcing couple to reach an agreement. In Arizona, mediation is a voluntary process, meaning that both parties must agree to engage in it. Unlike arbitration, the mediator is not empowered to make any decisions. The potential benefits of a divorce mediation include saving both time and money. It is more convenient. Mediation has the added benefit of providing an opportunity to be creative in structuring an agreement rather than have a family law judge rule on the case.