Arizona Credentialing and Regulatory Compliance

Credentialing, peer review, and regulatory compliance disputes can arise between physicians, between physicians and medical boards, and with governmental agencies during facility development, expansion, and even after the facility opens. At Jaburg Wilk, our comprehensive healthcare representation and counseling services include assisting healthcare business clients throughout Arizona in all aspects of the practice of medicine and management of healthcare facilities, including but not limited to:

  • Physician staffing privileges, including credentialing and peer review
  • Peer review disputes
  • Compliance with state and federal regulations that govern the practice of medicine, including teleradiology and telemedicine

Peer Review

Peer review is the process by which a healthcare provider is evaluated to determine whether he or she meets the acceptable standards of care and professional behavior. However, the peer review process can be subverted into a tool for discrimination and restraint of a physician’s ability to practice effectively and compete in the market. We assist physicians, nurses, and caregivers when they are subject to peer review, and we advise healthcare facilities and practice groups when it becomes necessary for them to form a peer review committee for their caregivers.