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Creating Great Client Experiences

JW Way Fundamental #23: Always remember that we are in business to serve our clients’ profitably.  “The happier our clients are the more likely we are to get paid. Pay attention to billings and to receivables. There is no need to apologize for making money. The goal of every engagement is happy clients AND paid bills.”

There are attorneys and firms that view themselves as professionals and ignore the business aspects of practicing law and there are attorneys and firms that only think about making money. Jaburg Wilk is neither! We are professionals who understand that you make money by creating a great client experience.  Happy and satisfied clients are more likely to pay their bills.

Creating a great client experience involves everyone who works at Jaburg Wilk.  From the first encounter that a potential client or an existing client has – whether by phone or when the elevator door opens to our offices – it is essential they are treated with warmth, respect, and professionalism. Several of the JW Way Fundamentals address the ingredients which create this experience. It is each employee’s responsibility to create and maintain this environment, for every client and potential client, in every interaction, every day.

Client invoices are not just the attorneys’ responsibility.  Most employees can impact a client’s bill by being efficient and always thinking of the best and least expensive way to accomplish the client’s goals. Conscious Capitalism emphasizes that you do not need to choose between doing the right thing for every client we deal with and profitability. They are not mutually exclusive.  In fact, Conscious Capitalism’s tenants maintain that the two are interlocked. 

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