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Protecting a Reputation is a Team Effort

JW Way Fundamental #15: Treasure, Protect, and Promote our Reputation 
“We’re all caretakers and beneficiaries of the firm’s image and reputation at all times and all situations. Consider how your actions affect our collective reputation, and act in a way that brings honor to the firm. Remember, you are always an ambassador of our firm.” 

Over the past 35 years, one of our mission elements has been to build a reputation incorporating the values represented in the 27 JW Way Fundamentals. The values set for in the JW Way, and the behaviors that emanate from those values, are integral to who we are. Respect, integrity, empathy for others, fully listening, blameless problem solving and other Fundamentals are a great way to lead both our personal and our professional lives.  

One of the fundamentals includes treasuring our reputation. I like the word treasure. It reminds us that we are all responsible for continuing to represent and promote our firm and its brand positively. We need to treasure what we have built and be cognizant that we all represent Jaburg Wilk at all times, not just in the office.

There are two reasons for this.  First, most people believe that a person’s values, and the behaviors that emanate from those values, are consistent from situation to situation. If an employee of Jaburg Wilk acts inappropriately in a non-business situation, most people will assume that person would act that way in a business situation. That is, if our employee is rude, disrespectful, or shows a lack of integrity in situation, the people observing that behavior are likely to assume that is how the employee acts in a business setting as well. Second, as each of is identified with our firm, any inappropriate behavior – by any one of us – reflects badly on Jaburg Wilk and all of us. Conversely, by following fundamentals it fosters and maintains the firm’s reputation. We each receive a benefit in the form of the “halo” effect, that extends to all of us.

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