From bid through completion, our Arizona construction law attorneys assist clients to get the job done – on time and within budget.  We take the legal details off our client’s desks so they can complete the work, whether they are a general contractor, subcontractor, owner, developer, lender, or material supplier. Our construction lawyers let contractors do what they do best – manage and complete construction projects – while we handle legal issues regarding contracts, payment rights and remedies, license bond claims, lien foreclosures, insurance coverage, change orders, construction defect claims or allegations, potentially dangerous Registrar of Contractor complaints and more.  These are all difficulties that our construction law attorneys have successfully assisted clients with.

Our law firm also includes experienced creditors’ rights, bankruptcy and employment law attorneys. When necessary, we protect the interests of contractors and suppliers in bankruptcy court. Our employment attorneys are skilled and experienced with both Arizona and federal laws regarding documentation, hiring practices, employment contracts, restrictive covenants, terminations, ADA, FMLA, employee classifications, and wage and hour issues.

Construction Defect

Construction defect litigation is complex and can be document intensive.  Our construction attorneys have a wide range of experience in various materials failure issues, including concrete, electrical, mechanical, landscape, wall support, painting and drywall.  They are also experienced in both substandard or negligent construction claims. We have represented insurance companies, self-insured companies, and sub-contractors in construction defect litigation.  Our scope of representation has included assistance with structuring of settlement agreements and packages with coordinated coverage recoveries, coverage analysis, and dismissal.  We have participated in mediation, settlement and, when needed, litigation.

Payment Remedies

It is essential that contractors and suppliers are timely paid for work that they perform. Our Arizona construction law attorneys have worked with general contractors, subcontractors, and material suppliers to assist them in obtaining payment. They educate Arizona’s contracting industry on Arizona prompt pay laws for construction and material suppliers. Our areas of construction law timely pay expertise include:

  • Private and public payment bonds;
  • Miller Act and Little Miller Act;
  • Mechanic and materialmen liens;
  • Stop notices; and
  • Prompt pay law.

If collection assistance is needed to obtain payment, our experienced construction law attorneys have successfully assisted many contractors and suppliers with payment resolution.

Defense for Professional Licenses

Administrative law includes regulatory and licensing laws of any local, state, municipal or federal agency or board. Many of these issue licenses and provide both regulatory and disciplinary functions. Our experienced administrative and construction law attorneys have appeared before the Registrar of Contractors and have assisted clients with obtaining, protecting and retaining professional licenses. When contractors, real estate agents, appraisers and other licensed professionals are involved in litigation or allegations of wrongdoing, they can be at risk for having their licenses suspended or revoked. This is an opportunity to present defenses and provide a strong argument for license retention. In some cases, findings before administrative law judges are admissible in civil litigation cases.