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What is the Family Drug Court?

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My name is Jason Castle.  I'm a partner at Jaburg & Wilk and my practice area is Family law and criminal defense.

What is the Family Drug Court?

The Family Drug Court is a special drug court that is designed to help individuals deal with some of their drug issues and to facilitate them getting to a point where they can get access to their children again. Typically, the court has a concern with the drug use of an individual and they’ll refer them to the Family Drug Court. The Drug Court will monitor their treatment, which will include random drug testing. As long they’re testing clean and as long as they’re following the orders of the Court, they’ll progress through stages and with each stage the Family Drug Court will actually increase their parenting time. Typically, when a parent goes into the Family Drug Court they’re receiving very limited supervised access with the children primarily because the Court has concerns about the person’s fitness. As the person progresses through the stages, they’re illustrating better fitness and therefore the Court will give them more parenting time.

About the author: Jason B. Castle is a Partner at the Phoenix law firm of Jaburg Wilk. He is the President of the Arizona Chapter of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, member of the State Bar of Arizona, and a member of the Maricopa County Bar Association, where he chaired the Family Law Section and Legislative Committee. He has expertise in child custody and Decision Making Authority. More recently he was named a Southwest Super Lawyer Rising Star.